What To Expect & FAQs

Expect to have FUN! We’ll go about things in a low key, relaxed way. In my years of shooting families, I have learned that a relaxed atmosphere makes for the most organic moments between family members, and in turn, the most treasured photos! Your kids have some energy to burn off? Have them run to the nearest tree and back! Your two week old baby needs to eat? Of course! We’ll take all the time needed. Mom’s hair got messed up during that huge gust of wind? We’ll pause while she beautifies again! We’re casual, relaxed, and here to serve your family.

What should I bring to my session?

  • Snacks. Snacks. And more snacks. We know kiddos need a little something every couple of hours, and being around a new person has the potential to make them nervous. Snacks (preferably non-messy ones) are essential and welcomed!
  • Bubbles. I don’t know a kid who doesn’t like to blow bubbles, chase bubbles, wonder at bubbles, and SMASH bubbles. Can’t go wrong!
  • A blanket. If you’d rather not sit on the grassy lawn of the park in your nice clothes… we understand! Best to keep the blanket a neutral color, without patterns or designs.
  • Layers. Especially for fall and winter sessions! You may get warm moving around, but you also may get chilly as you pose for photos. Always best to dress in layers so you can shed them or put more on!
  • A friend or family member! Sometimes families have items that they like to be photographed with, a blanket to sit on, pacifiers, diaper bags, and the whole kitten caboodle (what exactly is that, anyway?) Having a family friend or favorite aunt or uncle come along to your session can be extremely helpful when it comes to carrying your belongings from place to place, but most of all they are great at helping your kids smile genuinely and give attention to my camera!

Helpful Information

I. Love. Candids. Candid photography captures the essence of your kids. The way they laugh when daddy tickles them. The way your husband looks at you when you’re snuggling up your newborn. The sweet kisses between a little boy and his mama. THESE are the moments I want to capture for your family. Sure, I’ll set up a few posed shots for you - but in the in between moments? Be yourself. Love on your kids. Let the kisses, tickles, chasing, and silliness abound!

In light of my love for candids, remember that I like to shoot almost constantly! Don’t feel like you as the parent need to constantly be eyeing up my camera and nagging your kids to look at me also. When I’m looking for a posed shot, I’ll let you know! Otherwise, all eyes on those people who make your world.

The best part about digital photography is that you can keep the images forever. The ability to print and reprint images year after year as needed is something I want my clients to experience. That is why I include digital images and printing rights with each of my portrait and lifestyle sessions.

What will happen after my session?

After your session, I will take all the photos from our time together and start post processing as soon as I am able. (One of my favorite things to do is to sit down and watch all your images transfer onto my computer screen… I just sit and smile!) My post processing can take anywhere from 1-3 weeks depending on the length of your session. While I don’t promise a particular amount of finished images from each session, mini sessions (20 minutes) typically yield 10-15 photos, and 45-60 minute sessions typically yield 20-25 photos.

What is a finished image?

A finished image is one that I have selected out of the whole batch of photos from your session and edited. What many clients don’t realize is that while I shoot almost constantly during our session, many photos don’t make the cut for many reasons. To be honest, this is my favorite part. I love finding the best of the best photos for you to love for a lifetime.

Print vs. web resolution. What's the difference?

Print resolution images have a high enough resolution to be printed by any photo printing house. Print resolution images can also be uploaded to the web for sharing on websites and/or social media. However, they may load slowly because they are large files. Images at web resolution are for just that… the web! They are great for online sharing, but not suitable for printing.